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Holiday Safety

The holidays are usually a time to gather with friends and family and enjoy moments spent together. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has altered or put many family plans on hold. Without the assistance of visiting family members, many seniors are wondering how they will accomplish tasks around the house. Additionally, families who have a senior coming to

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Options HME’s COVID-19 Precautions

Options HME’s COVID-19 Precautions March and April of 2020 was an uncertain time for many. With COVID-19 arriving in full force and many wondering what the months ahead would look like, many families were concerned for their safety and limited their exposure by staying home and avoiding interactions with others. Thankfully, healthcare professionals have continued

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Nursing Home Alternatives

Nursing Home Alternatives COVID-19 has made the decision between living at home or moving into nursing home care even more complex. Many seniors and their families are very hesitant to consider a nursing home because of the health concerns, limited family time, and cost that COVID-19 has brought to the nursing home environment. However, there

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Installing an Outlet for a Stair Lift

It is not necessary to install an outlet for the vast majority of stair lift installations. Since modern stair lifts plug into a standard outlet, we are typically able to make one of your existing outlets work. However, in some instances, an outlet is not nearby and would require the use of a longer cord,

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Stair Lift Installation

Stair lift installation can be very simple or quite complex, depending on the stair lift model and the stairs it is being installed on. Every stair lift installation requires the same essential steps:   Measurement Stair Lift & Stairway Preparation Assembly & Fitting Mounting Final Adjustments & Testing Measurement One of the most important parts

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Stair Lift Price Guide

Stair Lift Price Guide New Stair Lifts $2500 – $4000 Backed by both a warranty on parts and warranty on labor. Available from a number of manufacturers. Include top of the line safety and ease of use features. See New Stair Lifts Used Stair Lifts $1500 – $2500 Used stair lifts are lifts that have

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