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Stair Lift Price Guide

If you are in the market for a stair lift, one of your biggest questions may be about how much a stair lift costs. Something that should be heavily considered is the Total Cost of Ownership, which includes the cost of the stair lift, having it installed, and the cost to keep it in working

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DIY Stair Lifts

Considering the cost of a stair lift, you may be thinking about installing it yourself. The cost of a new stair lift after installation can range from $2000 to $4000. The company that the lift is purchased from has a big impact on the cost of the lift itself, as well as the cost of the installation. Installing a stair lift yourself has its benefits, but also its shortcomings.

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History of Stairlifts

Believe it or not, the history of stair lifts begins in 1500 with King Henry VIII of England. After suffering from a jousting accident, the King became nearly immobilized and unable to climb the steps in Whitehall Palace. Henry VIII’s stair lift differed vastly from the stair lifts we know today as it required numerous

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