Straight Stair Lifts

Premium Stair Lift with 350 lbs. weight limit and Lifetime Warranty on Maintenance free motor and drive system

300 lbs. Weight Limit, same proven maintenance free drive system as the Premium SL600 stair lift but at a lower cost.

Quality stair lift with a 300 lbs. weight limit and maintenance free drive system. Also available with convenient power options to make it easier to use.

Highest capacity stair lift on the market with a 600 lbs. capacity

A straight stair lift is the ideal solution for a straight set of stairs without any landings or turns. If your stairs have landings or turns, we can discuss the option of a custom Curved Stair Lift. The straight stair lift attaches to the tread of the stairs, so it requires no mounting to the wall. It offers a safe and easy to use alternative to walking up the stairs. Each stair lift comes standard with an array of safety features such as a seatbelt, swiveling seat, and safety stop edges.

How much does a straight stair lift cost?

The typical overall cost of a stairlift after installation is between $2000 to $4000 depending on the model and options chosen. We offer free, in-home estimates. During the estimate, we will discuss all of the options for your home, and provide you with a written estimate for the cost of a straight stair lift. The price on the estimate is the price you will pay, not a dollar more.

Will a straight stair lift fit in my home?

We can adapt straight stairlifts to fit in the majority of homes. We are able to accomodate a door at the top or a walkway at the bottom. We also carry the narrowest stairlift on the market, the Harmar Pinnacle SL600. It can be installed into a stairway as narrow as 27 inches wide. When the pinnacle is folded up, it only sits 10.5 inches from the wall. A straight stair lift can typically accommodate stairs up to 16 feet in length, but additional rail can be used to accommodate lengths up to 70 feet.

What is the weight limit?

Most straight stair lifts accommodate between 300 – 350 lbs, but we have Heavy Duty models available which can handle up to 600 lbs.

Safety features

All of our stair lifts come standard with a seat belt, foot rest safety panels, and a swiveling seat. The swiveling seat allows the user to sit down and stand up on the landing at the top of the stairs instead of trying to sit down and stand up on the steps. The Handicare 1100 has an optional power folding footrest and power swiveling seat to eliminate the need for bending over at the top of the steps. All of our stair lifts come with a set of remotes. The remotes allow the user to call/send the stairlift up or down the steps without a rider on it. This is especially useful when there is more than one stairlift user in the home. It allows one user to ride the lift, and the second user can then call it back so they can use the stair lift.

Extra features

Automatic Folding Rail – The bottom end of a straight stair lift rail typically extends past the bottom step. If more clearance is needed at the bottom of the steps, a folding rail can be used which only extends past the bottom of the steps when the lift is in use. It is then automatically folded up out of the way after use getting off the lift at the bottom.

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