Installing an Outlet for a Stair Lift

It is not necessary to install an outlet for the vast majority of stair lift installations. Since modern stair lifts plug into a standard outlet, we are typically able to make one of your existing outlets work. However, in some instances, an outlet is not nearby and would require the use of a longer cord, or the homeowner wants to have the cord tucked neatly underneath the stair lift rail. In these cases, the homeowner may choose to have an outlet installed in the stairway. The picture below illustrates two possible locations.

Stair lift outlet locations

Both outlet locations work equally well, the deciding factor is often where the electrician has access and is able to mount the outlet. We recommend these two locations, as they do not interfere with the stair lift traveling along the track. An outlet located behind the stair lift track has the possibility of the cord catching on the stair lift chassis.

Outlet A is located beyond the end of the stair lift track. It must be at least 24 inches from the bottom step to ensure enough space.

Outlet B is located as close as possible to the bottom step, usually within 1 to 5 inches. This allows the outlet and cord to be located in the gap between the bottom step and the stair lift track.

Please discuss the location of an outlet with your electrician prior to them installing the outlet. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Options HME Stair Lifts.