Stair Lifts

Straight stair lift

Most common type of stair lift, designed for stairs without turns or curves.

Choose from new, used, or rental. We offer straight stair lifts from American manufacturers.

Handicare Freecurve Curved Stair Lift

Curved stair lifts are designed for stairs with turns, curves, or landings.

Custom built curved rails provide you with a smooth ride and the best fit for your home.

Handicare 1000 outdoor stair lift on front porch

Designed for the elements. The perfect solution for a porch or deck.

Outdoor stair lifts provide accessibility options for your home’s exterior. Available in straight or curved models.

used stair lift

Used stair lifts offer the same great features at a lower price.

Every used stair lift is one that we have purchased from our previous customers. They undergo a thorough cleaning and inspection.

Rental Stair Lift

Great option for using the stairs while recovering from an injury or surgery.

Simple & affordable monthly stair lift rental. No long term contracts or removal fee.

Options HME - The Stair Lift Experts

Stair lifts are our specialty – we have been installing them since we opened for business in 2007 and have completed over 1500 installations in Southern Illinois and the St. Louis area.

We carry a variety of stair lift models, providing you the options necessary to choose a stairlift that fits your needs and your budget. Every stair lift we install is backed by a 1 year labor warranty. Additionally, after the 1 year warranty, we are still available to provide you stair lift service, with the option of purchasing another 1 year labor warranty or paying by hour.

The stairlifts we install also come with some of the best stair lift warranties on the market, including some models with a lifetime warranty on the motor, gears, and rail.

When choosing Options HME Stair Lifts, you can count on a professional stair lift installation from a local, family owned company with years of experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a stair lift cost?

  • A stair lift should cost between $3000 and $4000 including installation. This price describes the cost of having a new, straight stair lift installed. When considering an outdoor or curved stair lift, the cost can increase significantly. However, the cost of a stair lift can vary greatly from home to home. Check out our blog post about Stair Lift Prices, or give us a call to set up a free consultation where we will provide you with an accurate quote in writing.

Will a stair lift work if the power goes out?

  • Yes, every stair lift that we install is powered through the use of two 12 volt batteries. When the stair lift is installed, we plug the battery charger into a standard wall socket, meaning no additional wiring is necessary in the majority of homes. When the stair lift is parked, it charges the batteries so it will be ready for the next use. Some units can make up to 60 trips on a single charge. The Handicare 1100 stair lift has a continuous charge strip, allowing the lift to charge at any point on the rail.

Can a stair lift be installed outside?

  • Yes, outdoor stair lifts are available from Options HME Stair Lifts. Not every stair lift can be installed in the outdoors though. A regular stair lift can not be installed outside. Outdoor stair lifts are specifically designed to handle the wet/dry and hot/cold conditions of the outdoors. They are an excellent option for the stairs leading to your front porch or back deck.

Is there enough room for other people to still use the stairs with a stairlift installed?

  • In most cases, yes. Options HME Stair Lifts carries one of the narrowest stair lifts on the market, the Harmar Pinnacle SL600. It only sits 11.5 inches from the wall when folded up. In the majority of homes, this leaves plenty of room for other people climbing the stairs to easily get past the stair lift. There are a few cases with very narrow stair cases where it can be a challenge, but we will discuss this with you prior to the installation.

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