Stair Lift Price Guide

If you are in the market for a stair lift, one of your biggest questions may be about how much a stair lift costs. A wide variety of prices for stair lifts can be found online, with some claiming prices as low as $1000. Rather than compile a list of the cheapest stair lifts available, this guide is focused on the stair lift prices you will see from a reputable and trusted stair lift dealer. This guide reflects prices in the St. Louis area and includes the stair lift itself, installation, and often some type of warranty. First an overview of prices for different types of stair lifts is provided. Scroll down to the bottom for a more detailed explanation of cost for each type of lift.

The price of a new stair lift is dependent on the model as well as the options chosen. Entry level models with shorter warranties fall closer to the $2000 range, while top of the line models with long warranties fall in the $3000 to $4000 range. Continue reading for more information.

Used stair lifts often serve as a more affordable option when considering a stair lift. They typically undergo an inspection checklist to ensure everything is working and a warranty is often provided.

Rental stair lifts are a great option for someone interested in a short term solution. They are perfect for those recovering from surgery or an injury, and can often be rented on a monthly basis.

Stair lift prices are higher on a curved lift because they are custom built for the set of stairs. The custom built rail offers a smooth and uninterrupted ride around corners and over landings.

Outdoor stair lift prices are slightly higher than regular new stair lifts because they are designed with weatherized components, allowing them to withstand differing temperatures and precipitation.

Curved outdoor stair lifts are both custom built and able to handle the outdoor environment. The rail for each lift is custom fabricated, and the chair lift is designed to stand up to rain, snow, heat, and cold temperatures.

Why is Options HME different?

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with fair stair lift prices, regardless of their stair lift needs. Our pricing is easy to understand, as the price we give you includes installation, warranties, and taxes. This way, the price we give you during the estimate is the price you pay following the install, without any added taxes or fees. Additionally, we provide our customers with an overall lower cost of ownership and better value. We stand behind every stair lift we install with a 1 Year Expert Warranty on Labor, which comes at no additional cost, with every stair lift we install. If service is necessary after a year, we are available to service your lift. Since we are a local, family owned company, we are able to provide some of the lowest stair lift service costs in the area. We also offer a buyback on many of the stair lifts we sell, so when a time comes where you no longer need the stair lift, we will come out and make you an offer for the lift, as well as take it out the same day. Finally, since we are a local and family owned company, we do not have to answer to any corporate ownership and have lower overhead costs, which allows us to pass the savings along to our customers. It is important to keep in mind when considering the cost of a stair lift that it will vary from company to company, and each company may provide a different warranty or service availability. We recommend scheduling an estimate appointment, as taking measurements and surveying the site is the only true way to get an accurate price for the installation of a stair lift. We happily provide all of our customers with a completely free, no obligation estimate, where we will discuss the various options we can offer to meet your needs.

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Stair Lift Costs

New stair lifts $2000 – $4000

The model and options that are chosen with a new stair lift have the largest impact on price. Entry level models start closer to the $2000 mark, and include products such as the Harmar Pinnacle SL300 or the Handicare Xclusive. While still great functioning units, they may not include some of the top of the line features that the Harmar Pinnacle SL 600 includes. Additional options can also add to the cost of a new stair lift. We offer options such as a folding rail, key locks, upgraded seats, power swiveling seats, and power folding footrests, which can each make a stair lift more user friendly. We will discuss how to make a stair lift the best fit for you and your home during a free, in-home estimate.

Used Stair Lifts $1500 – $2500

When the cost of a new stair lift is not within your budget, a used stair lift can be an excellent and more affordable option. The cost of a used chair lift usually falls around the $2000 range. All of the used stair lifts we sell are purchased back from previous customers who no longer needed the lift, so we are able to ensure the stair lift was installed correctly and we know the service history of the lift. Each used stair lift that we install comes with a one year warranty on parts and labor included at no additional cost. It also undergoes a 35 point checklist, prior to being installed, to ensure that it is functioning properly.

Rental Stair Lifts $100 – $150/month plus installation

Rental stair lifts are a great option for anyone who plans to use the stair lift for a shorter period of time. It is an excellent choice for anyone who is recovering from an injury, surgery, or even for a visiting family member who needs assistance navigating the stairs. Rental stair lift installation costs typically start around $500, followed by a monthly payment of $100 – $150. Our rental stair lifts do not require any long term contracts, allowing you to rent on a monthly basis. We also do not charge any type of a removal fee. Just give us a call when you no longer need the lift, and we will come remove it from your home, typically the same week.

Curved Stair Lifts – Starting at $9000

While curved stair lift prices may seem high in comparison to straight stair lift prices, it is important to understand the differences between the two types of lifts. When installing a straight stair lift, often the only modification necessary is to the length of the rail. Curved stair lifts are much different, as they are custom built to fit the specific set of stairs they will be installed on. After taking precise measurements and a number of photographs, the details are provided to the manufacturer, who custom bends and fabricates the rail to the necessary specifications. Additionally the chassis and motor on a curved stair lift are much more technically advanced than a straight stair lift, as they include mechanisms to keep the seat and foot rest level as the lift navigates turns and landings along the steps. While the custom nature of the curved stair lift adds to the cost of a stair lift, it also provides a smooth and uninterrupted ride, even to multiple levels of a home.

Outdoor Stair Lifts $2500 – $5000

Outdoor stair lift prices follow new stair lift prices quite closely, but are often slightly higher. The higher cost of an outdoor stair lift is attributed to the weatherized components that are used in the construction of the lift. The weatherization allows the lift to withstand challenging weather conditions such as harsh sun, precipitation, as well as hot and cold weather. Outdoor chair lifts are a great solution for stairs leading to a deck, porch, or even a swimming pool.

Curved Outdoor Stair Lifts: Starting at $10,000

Much like the curved stair lifts mentioned earlier, curved outdoor chair lift prices are higher because of the highly customized design of each lift. Additionally they also include weatherized components, much like outdoor stair lifts. Each rail is custom built to fit the curves and landings of the outdoor stairs, and the chassis and seat are weatherized to help stand up to all four seasons of weather. The curved stair lifts we provide are designed to have as few joints in the rail as possible, meaning you experience a smooth ride and fewer places for dirt and dust to collect.

Buyer Beware

There are numerous online stair lift companies promising unbelievably low prices. Unfortunately the price does not reflect the cost of the installation, or any additional taxes or fees associated with the purchase of a stair lift. We urge customers to be cautious when dealing with such an organization, mostly because it can be extremely difficult to get help from the business, should your unit need service. We have encountered multiple instances where an online stair lift retailer may come out to install a stair lift and collect the installation check, but is not willing to come back to service the lift when necessary. This can leave customers with a non-working unit and no option other than having a reputable company install a quality stair lift with a service guarantee. We have also encountered some companies who install stair lifts “on the side.” While they may be able to complete the installation of a stair lift, they often may lack the expertise necessary to service the lift should it need it. This can leave the customer in a similar situation, struggling to find someone to get their lift working again. We recommend, whoever you choose for a stair lift installation, that you choose to work with a mobility equipment company who specializes in stair lifts. Their technicians will be factory trained to properly install and maintain your stair lift, ensuring many years of smooth operation.

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