Outdoor Stair Lifts

Handicare 1000 outdoor stair lift with options van in background

A sturdy stair lift built to handle the elements.

An American made stair lift designed for outdoor use.

A curved stair lift built for the outdoors, from an American manufacturer.

Outdoor stair lifts provide access to decks, porches, and exterior stairways. Each outdoor stairlift is designed to stand up to rain, snow and all other types of weather. We have the ability to mount an outdoor stair lift to nearly any type of outdoor steps, from concrete, to tile, to treated or untreated lumber. We provide both straight and curved outdoor stair lifts to meet your home’s needs. The outdoor models come with all of the same standard features as an indoor stair lift, including a swiveling seat, seat belt, and safety stop edges.

An outdoor stairlift typically requires no changes to the steps, or railing as it is mounted to the tread of the stairs. All of the outdoor stair lifts we carry come with a one year labor warranty. After the 1 year warranty, we are still happy to provide service for your stair lift, giving you the option to purchase a low cost additional labor warranty, or pay per hour. The manufacturer provides a parts warranty on all of the lifts that we carry, the length depending on the model purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Stair Lifts

How much does an outdoor stair lift cost?

  • Outdoor stair lifts are usually a little more expensive than a regular indoor stair lift, because of the ability to withstand all types of weather. Typically, a new straight outdoor stair lift costs between $2500 and $5000. This cost includes installation. A curved outdoor stairlift is custom built to fit the curves and turns of the steps. Due to the custom nature of a curved stair lift, the cost depends greatly on the stairs it is being placed on and will differ for each home.

How is an outdoor stair lift powered?

  • Outdoor stair lifts are powered by a 120V AC grounded outlet. This means that in most homes it is not necessary to do any additional wiring. All of the stair lifts we provide run on a set of batteries, allowing them to operate even when the power is out. The battery charger is what plugs in to the wall, and anytime the lift is not and use and parked at the top or bottom of the stairs, the batteries are being charged.

What is the weight limit?

  • Our outdoor stair lifts have a 350 lb weight limit.

Safety Features

  • All of our outdoor stair lifts come standard with a seat belt, swiveling seat, and safety sensors. The swiveling seat allows users to sit down and stand up on the landing rather than the top few steps. Safety sensors automatically stop the outdoor stair lift at each end of the rail and also stop the stair lift in the event that there is an obstruction in the stairs.