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Have the stairs in your home become difficult or even impossible to climb or descend? We have the experience and expertise necessary to help you access all levels of your home. Options HME has been installing and servicing stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, and wheelchair ramps in Alton, IL since 2007. Our installation specialists are both factory and field trained, in an effort to provide you with the highest quality install. We are located just over 30 miles southeast in Highland, IL, but are in the Alton area on a weekly basis.

Alton homes can provide a special challenge when installing a stair lift, wheelchair lift, or wheelchair ramp. Many of the homes are built on a hill, so stairways may be longer or steeper than normal. Our 12 years of installation experience in Alton allows us to effectively address these challenges. We stock the equipment necessary to handle longer than normal staircases, as well as steep inclines. In addition, many homes in Alton have the garage positioned underneath the rest of the home. This often means a stair lift from the garage to the living quarters is necessary, and we have successfully completed many installs in the same situation. If you are looking for a stair lift for your Alton home, please contact us for your free in-home consultation.

Stair Lifts also called stair climbers or stair chairs are for those people that are able to stand and walk but are not able to climb stairs without difficulty.

Wheelchair lifts, also called platform lifts or vertical lifts, are for those that use a wheelchair to get around. 

Wheelchair ramps are a great way for a person, that uses a wheelchair or scooter, to get from one level to another.

At Options HME, we work to provide you with a sense of security, by standing behind all of the products we install, with a 1 Year Expert Warranty on Labor. This, paired with the manufacturer’s warranty on parts, allows us to provide you with excellent service after the sale. In the event that you need service after the warranty is up, we will still be happy to provide you with the service you need. We are thankful for the outstanding feedback that our focus on customer service has earned. Jerry D. from Alton writes: “Very professional. The cost was quite in line as compared to other companies and their company did not have a high pressure sales tactic. Easy to work with and I would certainly recommend them to anyone.”

stair lift alton install
Stair Lift installed in Alton, IL

A common question we receive from Alton customers is “do you only install stair lifts?” Owner, Jim Campbell answers: “while the majority of what we install in Alton are stair lifts, we also install wheelchair lifts and wheelchair ramps. While a stairlift allows someone to ride up the stairs in a seat attached to the lift, a ramp or wheelchair lift allows the user to travel, without ever leaving their wheelchair. The same is true for a wheelchair ramp.” 

A little about us:

Owner Jim Campbell and his wife Tracy enjoy visiting the many winerys that Alton has to offer. One of their favorites is The Winery at Aerie’s Resort, which offers a beautiful outlook over the Mississippi River.

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