Holiday Safety

The holidays are usually a time to gather with friends and family and enjoy moments spent together. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has altered or put many family plans on hold. Without the assistance of visiting family members, many seniors are wondering how they will accomplish tasks around the house. Additionally, families who have a senior coming to stay an extended period of time or have a senior parent moving in with them are wondering how to make their home more accommodating. Fortunately certain types of mobility equipment can solve some of the issues that both situations present.

How do you move heavy items up or down the stairs?

If your stairs have become difficult for you to use, almost certainly it has become nearly impossible to carry a large or heavy item up or down the stairs. Christmas decorations are a perfect example. Often packed in large and heavy boxes, decorations may be difficult to carry up from the basement if you already struggle to climb the stairs without a load.

To solve this problem, some of our customers have used their creativity and their stair lift to their advantage. Rather than carry a box, they use their stair lift and the included remotes to send the box up the steps to a family member or friend. One of the more creative examples we have seen is the use of a stair lift to send a 28 pound turkey down the stairs to the basement. However, a stair lift can be used to transport more than just holiday items. Everyday items such as laundry, laundry baskets, and groceries can be sent up and down the stairs with ease.

Turkey on a stair lift
Turkey on a Stair Lift
Laundry on a stair lift
Laundry on a Stair Lift

How do you make a home more accessible for a senior who is visiting or moving in?

With the high cost an high risk present at many nursing homes currently, some families are opting to have their senior parents visit for extended stays or move into their home. Moving a senior parent into an upstairs bedroom or basement is a situation we see often. The stairs that leads to each can be a challenge for some seniors though.

We offer options to purchase or rent a stair lift. This gives you and your family the flexibility you need when making a decision based on how long the stair lift is needed and what is within your budget. If the stay is likely temporary, a rental stair lift provides the mobility you require but at a lower cost than purchasing. However, if you believe the visit will be more permanent, purchasing may be a better option. When cost is a driving factor, we also have used stair lifts available at a lower cost.


To find out if a stair lift or other type of mobility equipment will work well for your situation, give us a call or submit a request for a free, in-home consultation.

We wish you and your family the Happiest of Holidays!