Curved Stair Lifts

Handicare Freecurve Curved Stair Lift

Custom curved stair lift with a sleek mono-rail design.

  • Ideal for stairs with turns, landings, or pie shaped steps
  • Custom built monorail provides an excellent fit
  • 275 pounds of weight capacity
  • Customizable rail and seat colors to match your home
  • Keyed lock comes standard
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Curved stair lift uses a sturdy dual rail system. Designed and built by an American manufacturer.

Sleek modular/monorail design. Quick turnaround times.

  • Ideal for stairs with turns, landings, or pie shaped steps
  • Innovative single rail design
  • 275 pounds of weight capacity
  • Power swiveling seat and power folding footrest are standard
  • Short lead times since the lift is stocked instead of custom ordered
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Curved stair lifts offer a smooth and safe ride up and down stairs with curves, landings, and turns. All of our curved stair lifts are custom built for your home’s steps.

We use a precision measurement system that produces a 3D model of your stair case. The manufacturer then uses this model to make a custom built rail specifically for your home. The curved stair lift chassis and seat are designed to provide a smooth and level ride throughout the curves and landings on your steps. We are able to install curved stair lifts for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Frequently Asked Questions About Curved Stair Lifts

Why would I need a curved stair lift?

  • While straight stair lifts are designed for a straight flight of stairs, curved stair lifts are designed to accommodate any type of stairs that are not straight. There are some instances like a straight set of stairs with a single landing or single turn where two straight stair lifts can be installed. This would mean that the user has to exit one stair lift and get on the other on the landing to continue up or down the steps. A curved stair lift eliminates the need to move from one stair lift to another on a landing. Curved stairlifts can accommodate multiple turns, multiple landings, split level homes, spiral staircases, and even pie shaped steps.

What is the cost of curved stair lifts?

  • The cost of a curved stairlift depends on the stairs that it is being installed on. Cost typically increases with more turns and landings or longer stairs. Because of the custom nature of curved stair lifts, the cost (with installation included) starts around $9000. If you would like a more accurate estimated cost, please contact us.

What is the weight limit?

  • The curved stair lifts we carry have either a 275 lb or 350 lb weight limit, depending on the model.

How is a curved stair lift powered?

  • Curved stairlifts are plugged into a normal wall outlet. The stair lift runs on batteries and the battery charger is plugged into the wall. Since stair lifts are battery operated, they will still work if the power has gone out.

Safety Features

Extra Features

  • 90⁰ and 180⁰ Parking – This allows a curved stair lift to be parked along a wall or around a handrail instead of in the stairway