Wheelchair Lifts

Harmar Highlander II Wheelchair Lift

A Vertical Wheelchair lift is sometimes called a vertical platform lift (VPL) or porch lift. They are designed to move the user straight up or down, without having to leave their wheelchair. They are an excellent cost effective way to move a person in a wheelchair from one level to another. Vertical wheelchair lifts often are a great alternative when installing a wheelchair ramp is not possible.

Wheelchair lifts offer a low cost alternative to a home elevator. A wheelchair lift provides wheelchair users a way to navigate stairs or different levels of their home without ever leaving their wheelchair. They are designed to provide a solution for stairs inside the home or stairs, decks, and porches outside the home. A wheelchair lift works well when there is not enough space for a ramp.

There are two main types of wheelchair lifts. The vertical platform lift and inclined platform lift. Vertical platform lifts are designed to move the user straight up and down. They work best when there is ample space next to a set of stairs or on a porch or deck. Inclined platform lifts are designed similar to a stair lift, but are able to carry a user in a wheelchair. An inclined platform lift mounts to a set of stairs and moves the user along the stairs rather than straight up and down.

Every wheelchair lift we carry conforms to ASME A18.1 Safety Standards for Platform Lifts. Additionally, an installation from Options HME ensures that your lift is installed properly and that the installation also meets the ASME A18.1 standard.

Options HME Expert Warranty

Every wheelchair lift we install is backed by Options HME’s one year Expert Warranty on Labor. Additionally, the wheelchair lifts we install offer some of the strongest parts warranties on the market. Should you need service after the first year, we are available to service your lift promptly and reasonably.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a wheelchair lift cost?

  • The proper installation of a wheelchair lift along with the gates or doors that work with it is critical to the safe operation of the lift and its durability. Our prices include installation and a parts & labor warranty. The cost of a new wheelchair lift starts around $8,000. The height/length of the lift is an important factor in cost. In some instances additional site preparation is required before the lift can be installed. This may add to the cost.

How is a wheelchair lift powered?

  • Our wheelchair lifts plug into a 120V AC outlet. So, no additional wiring is necessary in most installations. Some models also have an optional battery backup, which allow the wheelchair lift to operate even while the power is out.

How high can a wheelchair lift go?

  • The wheelchair lifts that we carry can travel up to 14 vertical feet.

Safety Features

  • The platform has a folding ramp which gives the user easy access to the lift. 42 inch guard panels keep user safe during the entire trip. Safety sensors on the platform prevent anything from being crushed, and the platform is covered in a non-skid surface to minimize wheelchair slippage.

What is the weight limit?

  • The weight limit for a wheelchair lift falls between 600 and 750 lbs depending on the model.

Ease of use

  • Our wheelchair lifts can be operated easily by just the user, giving you the independence you desire. They do not require the help of an additional person.