Used Stair Lifts

used-stair-lift-installed-by-options-hme-in-highland-illinoisUsed stair lifts are a great option if you are looking for a lower cost way to reach all levels of your home. The used stairlifts we offer are lifts that we sold and have later purchased back from our customers who no longer need them. Each used stair lift goes through an extensive 35 point checklist, including a functional test and replacement of worn or broken parts. For added piece of mind, each of our used stair lifts comes with a warranty on parts and labor.

The reconditioned stairlifts that we sell have all of the same great features of most of our new stair lifts, just at a more affordable price. Used stair lifts come with the standard safety features of a seat belt, swiveling seat, and safety sensors. If you are interested in a used stair lift, please contact us so we can provide you a free in-home estimate.

How much does a used stair lift cost?

Most individuals choose a used stairlift because of price. While there are many companies that advertise discount or cheap stair lifts online, many of those companies do not include the cost of installation or provide service after the sale. Our used stair lift prices include installation and warranty on parts and labor. Used stair lifts cost between $1500 and $2500.

What models are available used?

Many of the new straight stair lifts that we offer are available used such as the Pinnacle SL600. Due to the custom nature of a curved stair lift rail, curved stair lifts are not available used. Please contact us to see what we have in stock.

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