Harmar Sierra Inclined
Wheelchair Lift

Harmar Sierra inclined wheelchair lift with a wheelchair on it

Harmar Sierra Inclined
Wheelchair Lift

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The Sierra Inclined Platform Lift operates similar to a stair lift, but for wheelchairs. Rather than have you transfer from a wheelchair to a stair lift, the Sierra wheelchair lift allows you to ride up the stairs while still on your wheelchair. It features a fold up platform that takes up only 13 inches when fully folded up. When folded down, it allows you to easily roll on and off the platform at the top or bottom of the steps. The platform can accommodate wheelchairs up to 36 inches long and includes small fold up ramps to make sure you are secure during the ride, while allowing for easy entry/exit of the platform.

The Sierra wheelchair lift uses the same worm gear design as Harmar’s popular Pinnacle stair lifts, meaning that no grease is required on the gears or track. This also allows the lift to safely carry up to 500 lbs. It can also travel stairs as long as 40 feet.

Made by a U.S. company and backed up by a 2 year warranty on parts and 1 year warranty on labor, you can be sure that your Sierra wheelchair lift will be top quality and always working properly. It also features safety equipment such as: automatic end stops, power folding entry and exit ramps, rail and platform obstruction sensors, and non-skid platform.

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Standard Features

  • Patented helical grease free worm gear that does not attract dust or pet hair
  • 10 Year warranty on worm gear rack
  • 2 Year warranty on all other parts
  • 1 year Options HME Expert Warranty on Labor
  • 25″ x 36″ Platform
  • Gas shock assisted manual folding platform
  • Automatic folding entry and exit ramps
  • Two wireless remote controls to send the lift up and down the stairs without a rider
  • Obstruction sensors
  • Non-skid platform
  • Battery operated so platform lift will operate when there is a power outage

Optional Features

  • Larger 27.5″ x 36″ platform
  • 90 degree exit platform
  • Fold down seat (for use as a stair lift)
  • Post kit to ride standing
  • Locking key access
  • Additional track up to 40 feet long

Technical Specifications

  • Weight Limit – 500 lbs.
  • Folded Thickness – 13″
  • Speed – 14 feet/min.
  • Drive system – Nylon Polymer Helical Worm Gear
  • Required power supply – Plugs into standard 120V AC outlet
  • Control Circuit – 24V DC
  • Conforms to ASME A18.1 Safety Standard for Platform Lifts and Stairway Chairlifts

Additional Notes

Harmar manufactures stair lifts and wheelchair lifts at their facilities in Lake Winnebago, MO and Sarasota, FL.