Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramp leading to the front door of home

Options HME offers a wide configuration of wheelchair ramps. While they are often used for manual wheelchairs, they can also be used for electric scooters, or a walker. We are able to install ADA compliant wheelchair ramps for your home or business. Each wheelchair ramp is built out of aluminum, meaning the ramp will be maintenance and rust free.

Every ramp features a slip resistant surface and hand rails to ensure the user’s safety. For added piece of mind, the ramps we install come with a limited lifetime warranty on parts.

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What does a wheelchair ramp cost?

  • The cost of a wheelchair ramp depends on the application. Length is the most important factor when determining cost. All of our prices include installation. If you are interested in an estimate, please contact us.

Wood or Aluminum?

  • All of the ramps that we install are aluminum. While wood ramps may be a lower cost alternative, handicap ramps built out of aluminum are longer lasting and require virtually no maintenance. In contrast, wood wheelchair ramps must be stained on a regular basis and worn out boards replaced. Aluminum ramps also usually offer a smoother ride than a similar wooden ramp would.

Weight Limit

  • The ramps that we install have a 100 lb per square foot weight capacity. A 3 foot by 3 foot section of a modular ramp has a 900 lb weight capacity.

ADA Compliance

  • We are able to install wheelchair ramps to ADA standards. Current ADA guidelines require a 1:12 slope ratio, which means that for every inch in height there must be a foot in length. We are also able to meet the more stringent Veterans Affairs (VA) standards which typically requires a wider than normal ramp.