Handicare Freecurve
Curved Stair Lift

Handicare Freecurve curved stair lift on landing

Handicare Freecurve
Curved Stair Lift

Custom Built to Fit Your Home

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The Freecurve stair lift is a custom curved lift  designed to handle any set of stairs that includes landings, turns, or pie shaped steps. The Handicare Freecurve curved stair lift features a sleek but sturdy single rail design. This makes the rail hardly noticeable on the stairs, and reduces the amount of room it takes up on the steps.

The Freecurve rail is custom fabricated for your home. This results in fewer joints in the rail. A typical Freecurve only has 3-4 joints in the rail, whereas prefabricated piece together curved stair lifts may have 10-20 joints in the rail. The more joints there are the greater the chance for misalignment which produces a rough ride and more wear and tear on the drive system components. 

The lift includes a 2 year parts warranty, as well as a 1 year labor warranty. The Freecurve also includes top safety features such as a key switch, obstruction sensors, emergency stop switch, and a swiveling seat. The Freecurve is very customizable, allowing you to choose the colors and styles that will fit your home best.

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Standard Features

  • Custom fabricated rail for a smooth ride and durability
  • Good looking mono rail design
  • 5 Year warranty on motor and gear box
  • 2 Year warranty on all other parts
  • Options HME Stair Lifts 1 year Expert Warranty on Labor
  • Folding foot rest, seat bottom, and arm rests so there is clear passage for those climbing the stairs
  • Retractable seat belt that stores neatly
  • Easy manual swivel for safe getting on and off at the top of the stairs
  • Two wireless remotes to move the lift up and down without a rider
  • Obstruction sensors on the foot rest and chassis to prevent collisions
  • Battery operated so chairlift will operate when there is a power outage
  • Key switch to prevent unauthorized use

Optional Features

  • 3 styles of seats in 9 different colors
  • Custom rail colors available
  • Automatic power folding rail
  • Ability to park the lift “around the corner” in a hallway or around a banister

Technical Specifications