Wall Mount Patient Lifts

Handicare wall mount patient lift

Wall mount & other patient lifts provide additional flexibility for when a ceiling lift or hoyer lift may not work well. They also offer benefits of their own.

Wall mount lifts can be installed in a manner that takes up very little space. They also can solve issues that would prevent other lifts from being installed. For instance, sometimes a ceiling lift cannot be installed due to ceiling joist material or layout. However, a wall mounted lift may solve the issue with the addition of additional bracing.

Some wall mount lifts can also be installed as a standalone single post lift, attaching to the floor and ceiling. If you have questions about having a wall mount lift installed in your home, please contact us.

Other Patient Lifts

If a wall mount patient lift will not fit your needs, we can install some other style of lift or adapt one of the standard types of patient lifts to meet your needs. We work to find a solution that fits your needs, and have years of experience doing so. If you are unsure exactly what type or style of patient lift you need for your home, we are here to help. Contact us and we will walk you through your options and schedule a free, in-home estimate if you would like us to take a closer look.