Ceiling Lifts

Ceiling lift Handicare

Ceiling lifts make transfers between a bed and a wheelchair, bathroom, chair, or other room safe and easy for caretakers. The ceiling lift system we carry is designed to be tailored to fit your specific needs.

Choose from:

  • Portable Motors
  • Fixed Motors
  • Permanent Ceiling Tracks
  • Free Standing Tracks
  • Portable Tracks

A wide variety of over 40 slings allows for a safe and comfortable fit. Contact us for more information about ceiling lifts.

C-Series Fixed Motor Ceiling Lifts

  • For use on all available tracks
  • 450 lbs, 625 lbs, 800 lbs and 1000 lbs models available
  • Options HME 1 year Expert Warranty on Labor
  • Pneumatic Remotes standard
  • Digital Display standard
  • Manual or Power Traverse (powered movement along rail) available
  • Charging Dock, Automatic Return To Charge, or Constant Charge available
  • QRS Quick Release Hook available
  • Power or manual XY Gantry (movable transfer rail) available
  • Multiple Carry Bars available to fit an array of sizes, weights, and sling styles

P-Series Portable Motor Ceiling Lifts

  • For use on all available tracks
  • 440 lbs and 600 lbs models available
  • Designed to be moved from room to room or track to track to eliminate the need for and cost of an additional lift motor
  • Options HME 1 Year Expert Warranty on Labor
  • Pneumatic Remotes Standard
  • Integrated carry hooks – no carry bar required
  • Available with or without carabiner hook


  • Wide variety of tracks and applications available, including:
    • Ceiling Mounted
    • Free Standing
    • Portable Free Standing
    • 3-Post Systems
    • 4 -Post Systems
    • Bathroom Systems
    • Pressure Fit
  • Contact us to discuss which track will best fit your needs


Both the C-Series and the P-Series are available with a wide variety of slings, designed to provide the user with a safe and comfortable fit. Slings allow for use while sitting, standing, or laying down. Give us a call to talk about what sling will offer a high level of safety and comfort.